It seems like only a couple of years ago I graduated college, and entered the “real” world. I worked so hard to study and learn, get to the top of the class so I could land a good job. Suddenly I am thrust into reality and trying to figure out life with no life skills ever learned. I was given so many technical skills in school, but never given the basic or seemingly basic skills to live a successful life. When did I ever learn the life skills to run my finances, have good relationships, understand the freedoms of living in this great country?  I started to think of all the dates I memorized, all the equations I learned, and began to realize that the life I was studying for in school was here and I felt lost! I began to live life and repeat every day almost without thought! Orrin Woodward once said, “most people have 1 year of experience 30 times.” At first that didn’t make sense, I filled out my application, I had many years experience…didn’t I? Suddenly I realized I have been asleep at the wheel, not learning really anything since school, going in every day and repeating basically the day before, and the things I did learn were in my field of work not in life!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, a crazy idea crossed my path, a business that had an education system for LIFE.! I began to realize that the life I always wanted was in reach and the only thing stopping me was my hunger to learn. I began learning from the Team training system, soaking up as much wisdom as I could, I am sure from the outside I looked like a man starving who was finally getting food! I started to apply the lessons to my life and began to strive for a life of excellence.

It is just now I am truly beginning to realize the power of wisdom and ideas. The story goes something like this: Henry Ford once had a problem on the assembly line that no one could seem to fix. He tried all of his best mechanics and finally called in someone from that outside that was recommended. After the man walked around the machine and looked at a few things he got out a hammer and hit the machine 3 times and it began to function properly! The mechanic later billed Ford for about 50k dollars! Upon receiving the bill Ford refused to pay saying, I watch you hit the machine three times, that is not worth $50k. Which the man replied, you are not paying for me hitting the machine three times, you are paying me because I know where to hit the machine!

Wisdom is priceless! I have chosen to live for excellence in my life, and I know that means becoming a life long learner. I am so thankful to be partnered with Orrin Woodward in LIFE, so I can have many people to learn from who know “where to hit the machine” and are willing to share that wisdom with me and others! Decide to be a life long learner, welcome to LIFE!

God Bless, Dan Hawkins