My wife is such a great example of the leadership Orrin Woodward and the Life/Team training system can produce! Please enjoy this great post by Lisa!

It seems that in almost every conversation that I am in lately the topic of finances tends to come up.  People are either talking about the price of gas, wages cut, or jobs lost.  Lets face it, people are either struggling to make their bills or they worry that some day soon they will.

So why is it that when presented with an opportunity to “dig your well before you are thirsty” some folks just aren’t willing to dig?  Is it out of fear, complacency, ignorance that someday, someone else will turn the ship, just not me?  Is it lack of courage, lack of resources, or opportunity?  Maybe all of the above.  Everyday I look back on that fork in the road and give thanks for choosing the path that was less traveled, the road that looked unsure at first but over time has proven to be the path that my husband and I were destined to take.

When Orrin Woodward and the Team came into our lives we were married only a handful of years and had a toddler at the time.  I remember many late night conversations that went something like this:

“maybe I could get a second job?”

“I could take over my dads repair shop.”

“maybe I could watch more kids?”

“why is it that things cost more today but we make the same amount of money as our parents did years ago?”

“I guess we will start saving next year for that”

I pray this doesn’t sound familiar but I fear it does.  We saw Team as a way out, a way to get ahead, a way to give our child something that we were never given.  Yes, it took courage to go out on a limb and get started in a business that really didn’t look like a “business.”  To go on faith that maybe this business could make money and eventually make a difference in our lives.

If only we knew the results of getting started that have come along the way to saying “yes” to the Team.  You see, when personal finances are no longer a concern, a point of frustration, and the topic of arguments as a couple, so many other things in LIFE can be changed along the way.

As I look around this home that we own early this morning, just as the sun is rising, I see a home that is not a house that could have been ours as a mechanic and a day care teacher.  I know in a couple of hours our children will wake up naturally, as opposed to an alarm clock, because their mommy and daddy no longer need them “ready” at a certain time.  Their mom and dad are both home, all day if they choose, to be full time parents, together.

Because of the financial rewards that come along with hitting a goal in this business, our family just sent in the lease to a home in Florida where we will be spending our winter months this year.  I am looking forward to spending Christmas in Florida and then celebrating the New Year there with some of our teammates that have helped us hit to that goal.

I also look forward to another year of giving more to our church and charities than I ever made in daycare.  I love the fact that my children drive around in the safest vehicles on the road now and I no longer have to ask my husband to “fix it enough to get me back on the road.”

Yes, we have been blessed financially because of the Team, and so have many others that have chosen to do what it takes to win here.  You see, finances aren’t everything in life, but by getting that debt monkey off of our backs, we now live a much happier and less stress filled LIFE where we can go out now and bless others with that same gift.

I say all of this at the risk of sounding materialistic but I ensure you that when I didn’t have money to pay all of my bills, I thought about money more that I do now.  I didn’t give as freely as I’m able to now, and I felt I couldn’t be a blessing to someone else until I too was blessed.

Will you join us in this battle of financial wars so many others like us are fighting for?  Will you go into the home of a broken couple and offer them a new LIFE?  Let them decide if they have something worth fighting for.  Let’s have the courage together to do what it takes to be a blessing in the lives of others.

Gods blessings,

Lisa Hawkins