As I wake this morning to my three little girls sneaking into my room I can not help but to  stop and think what a difference Orrin Woodwards leadership and teaching has made in my life. You see, both my wife and I come from divorced homes. Homes where the conflict between parents seemed to always take center stage and the kids had to fend for ourselves. We had to watch over each other, make meals and generally care for ourselves. I remember my mom trying to make it work, multiple jobs, trying to hold our life together. In the little time she had, she always seemed to fit in “date night” with each of the 5 of us individually! My dad would work long hours, by the time he would return home he was to exhausted or maybe even discouraged by life to do anything with us.

Many years later, now starting my own family, one evening we get a call to look at a business (now) call LIFE. Little did I know the profound effect it would have on my life. You see, when all you see around you is wrong, how do you find right? A crooked line only knows it is crooked when placed next to a straight line! How would I even know how to be a good dad, and the impact it has on my kids?

We began to pursue LIFE with the intent of making money, but the true blessing was what we have become in the process. One of the 8fs of LIFE is Family. I began to get information on how to be a dad, how to raise 3 girls (please pray for me, they are beautifull just like their mother). I began to realize buy reading the books from the LIFE subscriptions and listening to the audio recordings, that being a dad was more than a title or position, it was a calling. I began to study and everyday I try to apply what I learn and get better. The way I raise my daughter will echo in eternaty. They will choose husbands based on my example and love I show to them and their mom. They will raise their children by my example and influence others around them to do the same.

I have been able to learn from the many great fathers on the LIFE Team, such as Orrin Woodward and the rest of the policy council men. They are providing not only valuble information for you to fullfull your calling as a dad, but a pricless example to follow. Probably the biggest blessing personally is having my dad and I start over the last couple of years and build a new relationship, because we are both in the Team and learning and growing.

As I look around me I see men of courage stepping up and doing the tough things necessary to be the Dad they were meant to be, for that I am very proud to be with you in this fight. We will make a difference to many, because a few of you decided to stand and be the example.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins