In a world of “watchers” can Orrin Woodward’s leadership make a difference?

Leadership to this point seems to be more about learning and teaching than about taking action on what we learn. What I love about the LIFE/Team is it is filled with men and women taking action on what they learn. Somewhere along the way our country that was birthed by courageous, action orientated leaders, has become a country of apathetic people who are watching and waiting for someone (not them) to take action and repair a broken nation. I love the song by the Casting Crowns “Courageous”. It is calling out for men to stand up and act, go out of our comfort zone into a broken world and do something! The focus of the movie as well as the song, is for men to stop watching their families get torn apart and take a stand for their wife and children and refuse to let them fall.  One of the 8 F’s of LIFE (Faith, Family, Freedom, Finances, Friends, Following, Fun and Fitness)  is Family. Many men are frozen with fear, fear of loss, fear of rejection and fear of failure, so they just stay frozen, ensuring all of those fears. Without action failure is certain. The old saying goes, to repeat the same thing over and over and expect a different result is insanity. It is time to “take back the fight.” The song does an amazing job of expressing what the LIFE business is doing: “In the war of the mind I will make my stand.” The LIFE model will bring leadership and life training to the masses and has a community that has decided to bind together and go out and make a difference! Information leads to action, action leads to results. Many men and women are looking to make changes, become better and take on the war of the mind but have no weapons to fight with. The LIFE business is in the business of educating people to give them the tools necessary to win the personal battle of the mind and help others fight as well. Can you imagine if we started to go out and help families get it right at home? Oh, the impact we could have in this country! I meet so many well-intentioned men who talk a big game but then sit at home and hide. Then to make things worse they throw out criticism to the men out on the field. Orrin Woodward has helped many men become men of courage and we are taking back the fight! Many will sit and take shots at us from the sidelines, not even brave enough to put their actual name on the blog post or comments, but the internet is filled with gutless people. I have developed a personal relationship with Orrin Woodward over the last 8 years. I tell you with all my heart he is the most courageous and honorable man I know. I have learned long ago that character is more important than reputation.  Online however,reputation trumps character because there are no relationships. This does not change the fact that character is everything. How much character does the person have who takes shots on the internet and does not even use their real name?

Enjoy this video of the song Courageous, listen to the words and start today! Join the LIFE/Team and let’s “reignite the passions” and help the “watchers become warriors.”

God bless,

Dan Hawkins