We are just days away from the start of www.the-life-business.com and the-team.biz is growing faster than any time in history! Thousands of people are headed to Columbus, Ohio this coming weekend to learn all of the details for the official launch of LIFE on Nov. 1st. Never before has so much leadership talent been gathered to launch a company that will revolutionize this profession. The line up includes 3 best-selling authors, 1 entrepreneur of the year, 1 founder of a university and the LIFEfounders which represent over


100 years of experience in the community building field. Imagine what you could take away from an entire weekend of talks from this caliber of speakers, what could you do with your LIFE? You see many will chose to spend their time and money on something else this weekend, possibly things that have no chance to change their life for the better and complain next week that they are dissatisfied with their lives. But you, you are ready to make some changes, step out of your day-to-day life and become your best! I applaud you for your courage, because many around the world talk big and do nothing, not you, you are changing your life!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins