Wow, what a weekend! I was just on Orrin Woodward LIFE blog and he shared some of the great things that happen at the the-life-business conference put on by Here is a small portion of the article:

Thousands gather to launch LIFE

The LIFE TEAM Leadership Conference wrapped up on Sunday. With over 18 new RT’s, Triples, and Quads, along with a new PC – Chris and Danae Mattis, the TEAM has experienced its best three months in its history.

Not too mention Tim and Amy Marks and Chris and Terri Brady going Quad PC. Wow! Our special guest – Dallin Larsen, Oliver DeMille, and Pastor Stephen Davy knocked it out of the park as well. Has the TEAM ever had a better major? DeMille’s talk on freedom received numerous standing ovations and Davy’s gospel message should be spread to the entire world. I never knew fleas could have such relevance to the gospel before

What did you learn at LIFE conference in Columbus, Ohio?

If you where one of the committed who traveled to Ohio for conference please share with everyone what you learned. If someone was not able to go, help them understand the value that you got and the fun relationship stories you created.

We are looking for 1 million people to join us in LIFE, share your story so people will understand the impact can have on their life!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins