Yesterday was another day where I was reminded how grateful I am to be part of and I was able to spend the day with LIFE founder George Guzzardo and Team RT member Matt Mielke. What a blessing to have the freedom of time and money to take the day at a Blackhawks hockey game in Chicago. The opening ceremony was amazing as the crowd cheered for our national anthem. I sat and thought of the freedoms we have been given and was moved to tears and a feeling of wanting to do more. God has blessed our lives so greatly, we have committed to a life that blesses others. The privileges we are given are not for our pleasure, they are for blessing others. The life business can give you a platform to reach out and help so many. Imagine what you could do if money problems did not hinder your service to others. What if all 24 hours in your day were controlled by you? Who would you serve, where could you direct your time and money for the biggest impact for others? The LIFE you have always wanted is within reach, go grab it!

Enjoy this video from the game, I will have more pictures on a page as well. By the way the Blackhawks won in overtime!!! Thank you George Guzzardo for the invite, this memory will last forever!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins