At a recent seminar I was able to spend a ton of time with Leadership expert Orrin Woodward. What amazed me was after the seminar Orrin Woodward sat and signed a book for anyone who had a copy of any of his books. This does not surprise me because Orrin is always serving, what amazed me were the comments I heard. Person after person shared how Orrin and the LIFE/Team have changed their life. Not just Orrin your great, it was specific things and examples of what has change for the better in their life. One LIFE member said “this guy (Orrin) is a giant in leadership and business.” To this I added, Orrin is not only a giant in business, but he is a giant maker.

Critics of Orrin Woodward should be ashamed of their unfounded comments. So many people will believe a cowardly critic who hides behind a keyboard and has no results in life. All the while they lose their chance to live a life of purpose and become their best. I wish I would have pulled out my phone and took a video of this line and all of the sincere praise and thankfulness this group had for Orrin and the Team.

Orrin Woodward building leaders.

Orrin Woodward has and continues to poor his heart, mind and soul into people who want to become leaders. He has given all of us the tools to become our best in LIFE and pursue our purpose. What I love most about Orrin and the Team, is they are willing to walk the walk, not hide and gossip.

LIFE leaders hitting new levels

I wanted to share what happens when someone has the courage to step out and apply the principles Orrin Woodward teaches.

It has been my pleasure to watch this couple apply the LIFE materials to their life and begin to change their story. Both have had to overcome many things to gain success.  Some of which include humble beginnings, tragic accidents, struggles with self worth, and not feeling capable of leading people.


God bless,

Dan Hawkins