Hey everyone, I thought this article from Leadership expert Orrin Woodward was worth sharing!

Orrin Woodward

Why is it that the greatest leaders of all-time seem to either have rabid fans or rabid critics? The answer is simple: truth polarizes. When a leader leads with his convictions, others, who do not hold the same convictions, will criticize the endeavor. Throughout history, men and women like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Sam Walton, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, to name a few, have received mountaintop praise and sewer-based criticisms. In fact, if a person desires to change the world, then he better build a tough skin while maintaining a soft heart, because he will be criticized!


The LIFE/Team community is striving to be our best. We will all fall down, but true leaders get up, dust off and get better. I love that Orrin Woodward addresses concerns and fixes them. He is a leader and leaders only point fingers at themselves and get better. I hope you chose to review the LIFE/Team information for yourself and make a decision to join the LIFE/Team. We are going to 1 million!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins