Is Orrin Woodward’s leadership and training motivating you to become your best?

What is your motivation?

What keeps you up at night?

What is it that will push you out of your comfort zone to become your best self?

I remember some of the early Team/LIFE meetings I would attend and hear these kind of statements or questions. My first thought was, give me something tangible, some details, tell me what to do! “Those who know how will always work for those who know why” Henry Ford. Ouch that hurt! It was interesting I was sitting in a meeting trying to learn how to get different results, but expected to hear what I already knew. Those who know and not do, really do not know! Every success book I have picked up has discussed at some point (usually the beginning) how it started with a dream and you will have too as well. This is not some scam to get your hopes up and get you to do something for someone else, my job was good at that. The promise of a bigger raise, more time off, a promotion. is real!

Orrin Woodward has gone on a mission to get Americas hopes up again, just like when this great nation was founded. Only he has also created a vehicle you can use to accomplish your dreams! Can you image the amount of courage it took to do what the founders did. This country, our freedom, was started on a hopes and a prayers of a few, and has blessed many for a couple hundred years.   Take time to find your dream, your purpose and go do the work.  Here is a great video from Launching a Leadership Revolution that will help you find your motivation.

What if a community called LIFE/Team began to dream, got peoples hopes up and reestablished this country to its roots. This is real and you can do it, dream big!         God bless, Dan Hawkins