I want to share an article from Orrin Woodward that I was reading this morning about creative destruction in the business world. What impresses me most about Orrin is how well read he is. Whenever I hear someone criticize Orrin or LIFE it is strictly hearsay and gossip, where Orrin always has data and history to back up his choices and thoughts. I like the saying, “In God we trust, everyone else must have data.” I have worked with Orrin and the Team for 8 years now and everything they do can be traced to numerous sources for the principles they are following. As soon as you start to study business, leadership, people and history you quickly see why Orrin does what he does and realize the greatness of the-life-business.com.

Orrin Woodward: With freedom, entrepreneurs are always thinking of better ways to serve the customers. When a better idea is implemented, cost go down, quality goes up, and customer satisfaction is rewarded through increased profits for entrepreneurs.

This is how the-life-business came about, a group of entrepreneurs wanted a better way, a way to get life changing information that is affordable for the masses.

 Woodward: Networking is long overdue for a gale of Creative Destruction that will improve the entire industry. When existing non-innovative companies run into this gale, they can respond in several ways.

The first, and best way, is to compete by developing better ideas, improving the value to all networking consumers. The second, and more common way, is to legally restrain or coerce potential competitors not to compete. This is the worst method, but sadly all too prevalent.

The third way, used when older staid companies refuse to compete in the marketplace, is to support sites who smear the new leaders. These leaders, if allowed to compete in the marketplace, would help to improve the entire industry. However, the older, more established firms view the new companies as competitive threats that must be destroyed or tamed. Therefore, if they cannot tame the new business through legitimate competition in the marketplace, then they must believe supporting an online smear campaign is their next best alternative.

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This is an interesting time in business where the internet is used to both build and destroy business. I love the freedom of speech the internet allows, however how does the person searching for truth know fact from just plain slander?

What I find interesting is the people using the internet to gossip and smear others hide behind the secrecy of the internet, not showing their face or real name! If someone has something honest to say, why hide?

I encourage you to read and listen to the information provided by the business you are looking into and make a decision based on that information. If some nameless, faceless person is giving you opinions online you can assume they are hiding and spreading false information to protest their company or just to hurt others.

Second, go to the-life-business.com and check out the testimonies that are coming in daily from around North America. These people are willing to put their name and face to their opinion. Some are even speakers around the country that you can meet in person and look into their eyes, some will be the very people who are directly helping you build your business!

The LIFE founders have resolved to learn from our previous networking experiences, vowing to creatively destroy any parts that we did not believe satisfied or exceeded the customers’ expectations. We plan on doing this through applying free enterprise principles in the marketplace, not feeling the need to resort to reputation assassinations of our former associates. Perhaps both sides would benefit from applying this highroad principle. Certainly, the consumers would benefit by enjoying the freedom to study the pros and cons of each potential business models on its merits.

A person only has so much mental energy. The question is: what is he investing it in – dreams or dramas? The more he fills his head with dramas, the less room he has for dreams. In truth, I have never met a dream achiever who invested much time in drama loving. Conversely, I have never met a drama lover, who invested much time in dream achieving. This is why I have invested my life in dream achievement and quickly identify and disassociate myself from the drama lovers of life. Victors love dreaming for it keeps their mind free from dramas. Victims, on the other hand, love dramatizing for it keeps their mind free from dreams. Whichever group you choose to associate with determines your future destiny.

If anyone reading this has a dream and desires to achieve it by helping LIFE TEAM apply the free enterprise creative destruction principles to the networking profession, then I welcome you. If anyone reading this wants to join the online agenda-laden purveyors of dramas, then I support your right to do so. I only request that you ponder this: why is it that one side uses its freedoms to create a new business model, which benefits the consumer; while the other side uses its freedoms in an attempt to destroy the new model, which hurts the consumer? When a person realizes the economics consequences of Creative Destruction upon the older business models, the fog is lifted and the truth is revealed. Ponder wisely. :) Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

God bless, Dan Hawkins