I would like to take the time today to recognize some incredible leaders in the LIFE business who are using the-team.biz to grow! Gary and Erika Severson have been tearing it up the past couple of months exploding their business. Anytime you are able to put together two groups of over 100 people attending a seminar you are leading in a big way.

Developing other Leaders is key

Gary and Erika Severson new Turbo 100s

Gary and Erika have worked very closely with Triple 100’s Steve and Jamie Leurquin to grow a large community. They have taken the principles modeled by the Leurquins’,passed them on, and are growing other leaders in the process. Just a few months ago the Steve and Kelli Sager, who are just one of the leaders Gary and Erika are helping develop, hit turbo 25!

The-life-business.com is creating change

The Seversons are leading hundreds of couples and individuals to the LIFE business, where they are empowered to change their inputs which will in turn change their lives. The feedback we are receiving both inside the team and from people just enjoying the LIFE materials is nothing short of amazing!

Make sure that you congratulate the Seversons on this great accomplishment and stay tuned for more stories and recognition this week!

God bless, Dan Hawkins