New recognition coming in from!

I can hardly keep up with all of the leaders that are exploding and moving on with the life business using training system!

New Turbo 25's Lyndon and Ruthie Bell

I am pleased to announce brand new Turbo 25’s Lyndon and Ruthie Bell to the Team! Lyndon and Ruthie are putting together a powerful team down in Atlanta, Georgia. Lisa and I were able to spend 5 days with this group and they are serious about putting LIFE on the map in Atlanta.

Doing what it takes to build a winning community

Our last stretch of time with this group started on Friday night where the Team put on one of the best men’s leadership webcasts of all time. On Saturday night we were able to listen to Jeff and Tammy Darling from Texas share at the Team seminar.   Lisa and I had two talks that evening as well. The room that night was electric!  The Darlings were funny, informative, and sincere with their message! Many people left Saturday night ready to go out and make a difference. The Bell’s had record numbers at this event and are just beginning their leadership journey.  The entire team is ready for 2012! Monday night we had an amazing Team open meeting with the room packed where there were multiple guests ready to learn. The 5 day run was sprinkled with friends, food, and fun! We cannot wait to return to Atlanta, GA and help the many great leaders chase their dreams!

Y’all make sure to congratulate Lyndon and Ruthie!

God bless, Dan & Lisa Hawkins