I had to share this powerful poem! Enjoy and reflect!

God bless, Dan Hawkins

The Leadership Search by Orrin Woodward

I searched for him most of my life,
this person with the uncommon name.

I searched for him around the world,
but he refused to take my blame.

Finally, I found him,
thankfully, you can too.

However, it won’t be easy,
since he presents himself to few.

You can search our government assemblies,
but only hear from his past.

You can search our halls of learning,
reading book stories fading fast.

You can search our industrial complexes,
seeing old portraits in the aisles.

You can search our sports arenas,
reading from banners now out of style.

Everyone seems to know this person,
but no one wants his name.

We end our fruitless search,
hanging our heads in shame.

In desperation, I searched myself,
finding he was there all along.

Since no one else wants to be him,
I was forced to become strong.

I am now named responsible,
I am the man with the uncommon name.

My friend, you too have this choice,
for you can be called the same.

The search has ended
The journey is done.

Who is finally responsible?
It’s me; it’s you; we are the ones.

Sincerely, Orrin Woodward