I first heard this quote from top 10 leadership expert Chris Brady at a Team leadership convention. Isn’t it amazing that when you hear the truth it just makes sense.  So many people skate through life never giving 100%. Is it fear of failure, fear of success, lack of confidence, lack of courage or are they just stuck in todays mediocre mind set?

We have all been given talents and gifts that are waiting to be opened and used. One of my favorite pieces of being part of a leadership team is the community. It is much easier to become a winner when you surround yourself with winners. I love the video Steve placed on his blog. One of the biggest things I noticed was the constant encouragement he received from his coach and teammates to become his best.

Who is in your cheering section? Who is on your mental committee? You will become like who you associate most, choose wisely!

Enjoy this great article from one of the great leaders in LIFE, Steve Leurquin.

God bless, Dan Hawkins

Are You Giving 100% In LIFE?


I was listening to a leadership recording the other day by Top 10 Leadership Guru and best-selling Author Orrin Woodward in which he gave a great example from his youth about doing his best. As a high school senior cross country runner he was content with the status of being the second best runner on the team. Then, the race came where a freshman on the team was attempting to pass Orrin. That didn’t sit well with him as he had a rule that freshman do not beat seniors. He unleashed his best not only holding off the freshman but passing the team number 1 runner finishing first-team all district.

It got me thinking to how many times in my life I have settled for less then my best thinking that was all I had to give. A great movie scene from Facing The Giants shows a young man who because he is holding back his best, hurts the whole team’s performance.

“God’s gifted you with the ability of leadership, don’t waste it.”

Sometimes I shutter in one of those cold, hair standing on the back of the neck feelings, thinking about who in this world I am hurting by playing it small?

I think of Great leaders like Tim MarksDan Hawkins, and BIll Lewis. All men that lead thousands of people now but at one time were faced with the question, do I continue on my current path or do I follow the leadership road less traveled so that my light will give other people the courage to do the same? I’m glad they chose wisely!  Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin