Jeff and Kathy Wood

We want to take a moment to recognize and introduce two couples that have recently hit the Turbo 25 level for

Dave and Sarah Hall

the first time!  Congratulations to Dave and Sarah Hall and Jeff and Kathy Wood for their accomplishment.  Turbo 25 is a level recognizing the fact that both of these couples led at least 50 people to the monthly leadership seminar in December!  Way to go Team Red Eagles!  The Red Eagles are led by Round Table members Matt and Michelle Mielke.  Dave and Sarah are musicians who have had an opportunity to serve as missionaries in Hungary.  Sarah is a psychiatric nurse.  The Halls have 5 children.  Jeff is a custom home builder and is also in the mortgage business.  Kathy is an independent hair stylist.  The Woods have 3 young daughters.  Both couples are looking forward to the day when they are able to focus all of their time and energy on building their team in LIFE.  Please take time to help congratulate the Hall and the Wood families next time you see them!

God Bless,

Dan and Lisa Hawkins