In reviewing the book Launching a Leadership Revolution I came across the part on motivation.  I remember thinking I do not need motivation just tell me what to do!  After years of developing a business I have realized motivation is one of, if not the biggest piece to endure the price of success.

What do you want, what is the price….pay it!

No matter what you decide to pursue, if you want to be a success, pain and struggle will be part of the process. Motivation provides the fuel to persist through the pain.   In Orrin Woodward’s new book Resolved 13 Resolutions for LIFE he talks about AQ, adversity quotient.  In the end it will not always be the person with the most talent, but the person who will persist and improve. Here is a small piece of Orrin’s book on AQ:

Another compromise that leads to failure and despair is an improper response to the pain inherent in the process of growth.  There are actually two types of pain: one comes from the inside due to the change process; the other comes from the outside due to criticism from those unwilling to make the same changes. Hope is the only fuel capable of burning through both types of pain.  Without hope, either of the pain versions will trump one’s willingness to endure, instead choosing to stop the pain by quitting the journey.  Author Robert Grudin writes, “One might reply that most people who surrender simply lack the ability to get very far.  But it is more accurate to say that ability and intelligence, rightly understood, include a readiness to face pain, while those characteristics which we loosely term ‘inadequacy’ and ‘ignorance’ are typically associated with the avoidance of pain.” When the pain reaches a certain threshold, everything inside of a person screams for relief, but champions, people with high AQ, persevere. Pain is overcome through the continuous focus on one’s purpose. Moreover, achieving greatness will require a faith that can move mountains, an AQ to endure the rising pain in the process, eventually reaching levels of success that more timid souls refuse to believe possible.

There are 3 levels of motivation that we have found to help people persist.

  1. Material
  2. Recognition and Respect
  3. Purpose, Destiny and Legacy

These come in order of importance and impact in ones life. Dig into the three levels of motivation and find what moves you to become your best and helps you to do your best when times get tough.

Here is a short video that I found that inspires me to continue to pursue my purpose and do something big with my life!

God bless, Dan Hawkins