Hey everyone, I had to share this video from Bill Lewis as it perfectly explains and shows you how to use the first level of motivation, material things! We are all selfish by nature, yes even you :). Like my 6 year old daughter used to say “that is just the way God made me.” The key is to use our selfish nature for good, use that desire of material things to push you out of your comfort zone to serve others, and do something significant.

The problem with our current culture is people beg, borrow and steal to get the material things they want, giving in to their selfish nature by any means possible, only to end up feeling empty. True happiness cannot be bought, or directly pursued. True happiness is only achieved though giving and  serving others without expecting a return.

I love the LIFE/Team (www.the-life-business.com) (the-team.biz) because you have to serve to deserve. If you do the work and serve enough people you will be blessed in many areas including financially. Feed your elephant and charge toward your future! Get out there and dream build, touch and feel the things you are about to earn and start making a difference today!

God bless, Dan Hawkins

Are You Feeding Your Elephant ?

Posted on January 11, 2012 by Bill Lewis

I wanted to share a fun day with you.  We set a big promotion for the Musketeer Team and whoever hit it was invited to go do a super car drive.  That meant you would get a chance to drive five of the best cars in the world.  What a great way to determine what car you are going to buy in the future.  We had a 143 mile journey to Lake Mead and back.  We drove through some of the most scenic desert areas I have ever seen before.  It was around 50 degrees moving up to 60 and not  a cloud in the sky.  Perfect driving weather.  We had a blast!  The 458 Italia was a smash hit.  When you are driving 5 other super cars and 1 of them  is head shoulders above the rest.  That lets you know how special that car is.  I was so filled with adrenaline after I got out of the 458 that I couldn’t talk and actually felt a little wobbly.  My elephant is in full charge running straight towards an Italian car.  I hope you find something that excites you this much and make sure you do everything you can to qualify for all promotions.

Hope you enjoy this video we put together.