Bill & Jackie Lewis – LIFE Founders

Posted by Orrin Woodward on January 16, 2012

How does an inner-city kid and a single-mom team up and break out of the mold to become a millionaire couple? More impressively, how do they do this while developing into some of the top speakers and leaders in one of the fastest growing leadership companies? The short answer is through reading, listening, and associating with those who had the results they desired.

Bill and Jackie Lewis are two of the Founders of LIFE. Their amazing story is shared on several CDs that are best-sellers in the TEAM system. Indeed, both Bill and Jackie had to change the way they viewed themselves and this only occurs through improved information and association.

Recollecting back to Bill’s first time ever speaking on a TEAM stage, he was so nervous, that he made me dizzy watching him pace back and forth.  Be that as it may, he did it anyway, displaying courage and resolve to electrify the crowd with his speaking. In fact, it’s only through the small repeated victories that people change how they view themselves. Jackie went through a similar journey, going from a tentative speaker on stage to one of the most impactful of lady leaders.

What separates the winners from the rest in life? It’s Adversity Quotient – the ability to endure the pain inherent in the change process. The Lewis’s win because they have a near limitless AQ. By combining AQ and unimpeachable loyalty, this couple bought into the goals and vision of the TEAM, exploding through the Team levels and achieving PC in 2006. Through numerous hardships, the Lewis’s never wavered, maintaining the dream of reaching a million people.

I can remember Bill writing a check for hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to cover legal expenses and keep the TEAM together. Heroes are heroes because they sacrifice for what they believe in. It is modern day heroes like Bill and Jackie that make Laurie and my leadership journey so worthwhile. When so much of the world is giving up on their dreams, there are still a few willing to sacrifice for their dreams. Bill and Jackie are part of that select few.

As an aside, if you have ever played competitive sports with Bill – the TEAM’s basketball wars are legendary – you quickly discover that Bill hates losing at anything. He will push himself to his limit in order to achieve victory. It’s this characteristic that has led Bill to achieve massive results, despite his humble beginnings. For example, I am not shocked that Bill is a single digit handicap golfer because his quest for excellence accepts nothing less. I love competing against Bill in sports, for I know that whoever wins will have earned it.

Today the Lewis’s live in an impressive Tuscan mansion, raising their four children and enjoying the fruits of their labors. The Lewis’s team is one of the biggest and most dynamic in the LIFE business, providing a dream lifestyle for the young couple. Dreams come true to those who are true to their dreams. Bill and Jackie were true to their dreams, becoming top leaders in the TEAM and Founders of LIFE. Laurie and I congratulate our friends and Co-Founders Bill and Jackie Lewis for their impressive leadership accomplishments. We look forward to a blessed future together. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward