Wow the weekend is almost here! Talks are being prepared, people are packing, planning and procrastinating. 🙂 Goals are being chased heading for the finish line.

Major Leadership Convention in Ohio!

LIFE/Team Leadership Convention

I cannot wait to see the LIFE leadership community this weekend. This is the first official LIFE major and it is set to kick off 2012 with a bang.

If you have big goals for 2012 with the LIFE/Team this convention is a must. You are going to receive incredible inspiration and instruction to explode your business and improve your life.

Some of my best memories are from major convention weekends. The road trip down, cramming way too many people in a hotel room, late night pizza, friendships built and powerful information shared to create change. This is community and we are coming together to connect and make changes, both in ourselves and in this country.

You can expect to have your cup over flowing with information with all of the LIFE Founders in attendance to share from experience, failure and major success. We will have top leadership Gurus, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady speaking this weekend to inspire you to lead where you are and make a difference with leadership in your community. Orrin Woodward was recently awarded the #1 leadership spot from the IAB and he will be speaking to us!

When I speak all over North America I ask this question: Who here thinks there is something wrong in this world, maybe you cannot put a finger on it but you can feel it, something is not right? In every room every hand goes up. Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve our current problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

If we truly want to see lasting change in ourselves and our countries it is time to do something. Begin to learn and grow, get new information so we can have new ideas. Join the LIFE community and start working on a new level of thinking so we can start to solve some problems!

See you in Ohio (or California if you are on the West Coast)!

God Bless,

Dan Hawkins