Recently I began to reread the book Launching a Leadership Revolution. I have read this book many times but every time I pick it up I learn so much more.  I cannot believe the amount of teaching in this book that gives us everything to build a huge organization.

The video I have attached is Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady from Team discussing The Third Level of Influence: Leading.  I love this chapter because this is where some big things start to  happen in a group when this level is applied.  The new leader has learned to be a hungry student and apply the knowledge being learned and puts in the activity and moves to the second level and gets results.

At level two or  performer level the leader can get results through personal effort.  They are continuing to be a hungry student and are now getting personal results. Now they start to add more tools to their belt and step to Level 3.  This is where you continue to learn and perform, but you add leading to the mix.  You start to develop and orchestrate other leaders who are stepping into level two.  You begin to multiply your efforts and explode the effectiveness and productivity of your group.

I encourage you to watch this short clip by Orrin and Chris and jump back into your copy of Launching a Leadership Revolution and start to lead! God Bless, Dan Hawkins