The story that is being written is a story that will fill history books of the future. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady began their leadership journey and partnership about 20 years ago and are just getting started. In the latest release of the Top 30 Leadership Gurus both Orrin and Chris climbed higher on the chart for I believe the 3rd year in a row, now claiming the #6 and #11 spots respectively.

Orrin and Chris are writing a remarkable story that started in two very different places. Here is what author Tim Marks had to say about Orrin Woodward:

Orrin Woodward grew up in Columbiaville, Michigan, a town where the word “vision” wasn’t something you’d hear pop up at the average dinner table. His brilliant mind and work ethic were quickly noticed by his superiors at work, and his amazing engineering genius resulted in four engineering patents to his name by the age of 25. He was on the fast track to corporate “success”. But he was eventually exposed to some new business information, and he decided to go against the grain. He ignored the 95% advice of his friends, family and co-workers, and he plunged head-first into his first entrepreneurial venture.

Success didn’t come easily to Orrin. We might watch him speak on stage today in front of thousands of people and forget that he failed a public speaking class in college. We might read the chapter on conflict resolution in his incredible book RESOLVED and puzzle that this great man describes his younger self as a “no-people skills engineer.” We might see the tens of thousands of people at a Major function and forget that he struggled for several years to build a business community past 200 people. And we might look at his lifestyle, his homes in Florida and Michigan, and his yacht, and not realize the massive battles that Orrin and Laurie have waged behind the scenes on our behalf.

From humble beginnings Orrin Woodward has risen to elite heights in business and leadership, he has now been voted the number 6 leadership expert and claiming the #1 spot from the IAB.  Probably the biggest impact Orrin has had is not in what he has accomplished but the people he has helped along the way. I am so thankful that Orrin has chosen to pursue his purpose because in pursuing his purpose he has given me one as well.

Chris Brady has been introduced many times on stages across the globe as a man who could have succeeded anywhere. Here is what leadership expert Orrin Woodward had to share about Chris.

In truth, Chris Brady has been a dreamer and doer for as long as I have known him. For example, when I was working a full 12 week assignment in Wichita Falls, Texas, I lived in an apartment provided by the AC Rochester plant (one of the reasons I agreed to go to Texas, since I was dead broke.) :) Chris was assigned to Wichita Falls for a six-week term to help launch a new product. Since the plant was already paying for an apartment, Chris crashed with me and several other students during his time in Texas. It was my six weeks with him in Texas that solidified by belief that Chris was different from the rest of us students. Specifically, when comparing his purpose and vision to the rest of ours. Simply put, I had never met anyone so young who was as driven to break free from mediocrity as Chris Brady. His determination and confidence was scary for a low self-esteem person like I was at the time.

However, with that said, his boldness and direction intrigued me as much as it intimidated me. Why did this guy believe so strongly in his purpose? How did he achieve this magical elixir so young? Whatever it was, Chris’s drive led to massive achievements throughout college. In fact, he finished second in his 1990 graduating class at GMI-EMI (not too shabby considering it is a school filled with brains.) :) More impressively, after graduation, he qualified for the coveted GM scholarship program. GM selects only a few of the elite graduates for an all-expenses-paid masters program. Chris chose the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon Institute and graduated with a masters in manufacturing systems. Little did Chris know, however, that beyond his degree, he would gain something much more valuable – the love of his life, Terri (Estes) Brady, whom he met at Carnegie-Mellon.

With such an impressive start in life it is not a surprise that Chris is making such an impact with his newest venture called LIFE. Chris is now the author of numerous best selling books and was recently named the #11 leadership educator in the world!  He continues to learn, grow and teach across the globe to help people achieve the life they have always wanted through better ideas and information.

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are just warming up and are on their way to the top of the leadership and personal development field. Their business LIFE has only been in operation since November 1, 2011 and they are already getting national attention for the quality of their products and the growth of the business. The friendship and partnership of Orrin and Chris will go down in history, along with the stories of the thousands and soon millions of people they are impacting in a positive direction.

Thank you Orrin and Chris for allowing us all to pursue our purpose in LIFE!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins