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LIFE Community Leadership

Now with the Mental Fitness Challenge, you can learn from some of the top leaders in North America. The LIFE business was created to serve the community and improve lives, one person at a time. Enjoy this article were Warren Bennis shares his six attributes of leaders.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

Warren Bennis – Six Attributes of Leaders

Warren Bennis, noted leadership expert, writes on the six key attributes of leaders. The LIFE Founders exemplify these leadership attributes. Orrin WoodwardChris BradyTim MarksClaude HamiltonBill LewisGeorge GuzzardoDan Hawkins, and Rob Hallstrand are excellent leaders individually, but combined they are the best! With the recent release of theMental Fitness Challenge, the rest of the leadership field is learning of the world-class materials offered through the the LIFE Business. Here are the six leadership attributes:


Integrity means alignment of words and actions with inner values.

It means sticking to these values even when an alternative path may be easier or more advantageous. A leader with integrity can be trusted and will be admired for sticking to strong values. They also act as a powerful model for people to copy, thus building an entire organization with powerful and effective cultural values.


Dedication means spending whatever time and energy on a task is required to get the job done, rather than giving it whatever time you have available. The work of most leadership positions is not something to do ‘if time’. It means giving your whole self to the task, dedicating yourself to success and to leading others with you.


A magnanimous person gives credit where it is due. It also means being gracious in defeat and allowing others who are defeated to retain their dignity. Magnanimity in leadership includes crediting the people with success and accepting personal responsibility for failures.


Humility is the opposite of arrogance and narcissism. It means recognizing that you are not inherently superior to others and consequently that they are not inferior to you. It does not mean diminishing yourself, nor does it mean exalting yourself. Humble leaders do not debase themselves, neither falsely nor due to low self-esteem. They simply recognize all people as equal in value and know that their position does not make them a god.


Openness means being able to listen to ideas that are outside one’s current mental models, being able to suspend judgement until after one has heard someone else’s ideas. An open leader listens to their people without trying to shut them down early, which at least demonstrates care and builds trust. Openness also treats other ideas as potentially better than one’s own ideas. In the uncertain world of new territory, being able to openly consider alternatives is an important skill.


Creativity means thinking differently, being able to get outside the box and take a new and different viewpoint on things. For a leader to be able to see a new future towards which they will lead their followers, creativity provides the ability to think differently and see things that others have not seen, and thus giving reason for followers to follow.

Orrin Woodward Leadership

It is finally here!!! Orrin Woodward’s new book is out and already impacting so many. Within my leadership community I have received numerous texts and messages on how this book is impacting their lives. Orrin is not just a leadership author, sharing principles, but he is in the world leading. This gives Orrin leadership experiences everyday to learn from and then teach. This is the most comprehensive read on intentionally improving ones life, Resolved 13 Resolutions for LIFE is leadership in action.

I wanted to share the foreword from best selling author Chris Brady. Chris has had a front row seat to watch Orrin rise to the top of leadership.

God bless, Dan Hawkins


It has been said that everyone wants to change the world but few feel the need to change themselves.  Even a basic study of history, however, demonstrates that those who first focus upon self-improvement usually end up doing the most good in the world.  Why should this be so? It may stem from the fact that excellence doesn’t occur by accident, but rather from intentional effort correctly applied over time.   Subsequently the example of excellence increases the ability of the bearer to influence others and the much touted “ripple effect” takes hold, change resonating outward in ever widening circles from the genesis of a lone individual who cared to change his or her own life first.

I have had the unique position of nearly two decades observation on a real life example of the above.  At age eighteen I made the acquaintance of a young man roughly my age as we entered into an engineering co-op program together with a handful of other equally bright-eyed but naïve students.  Orrin Woodward came from humble origins, a sometimes-stressful home life, extremely tight finances, and no connections whatsoever.  With nothing but hope and ambition he worked his way through college and into an engineering position, where he not only thrived but was also quickly recognized as a dedicated worker and creative problem solver.  He soon won several accolades and promotions, including four US patents and a national benchmarking award.  Then he decided to try his hand at being an entrepreneur, and this is where our paths once again crossed.  I had known of his corporate success and seen his achievements from a distance, but when he chose to invite me into his business endeavors I at once had a front row seat for what would become a true Horatio Alger story.

Very significantly, Orrin Woodward began his business journey by immediately going to work on himself.  A voracious reader, he devoured books on people skills, sales techniques, relationship building, success, leadership, and attitude.  Over time, his self-directed education went deeper, from the surface level genres of skills to the heart level categories of principles.  His education also broadened, taking in economics, history, theology, literature, philosophy, and even art.  As he applied his aggressive learning to his entrepreneurial activities, his business (eventually) thrived.  Today, Orrin Woodward is widely recognized as a top leader in several business categories, and is a sought after expert on leadership – having recently been named one of the World’s Top 10 Leadership Gurus.  Today his success (which, in addition to professional achievements includes a healthy and productive family life, a marriage of twenty years, a worshipful faith, and a worldwide network of friends and supporters) and lifestyle are diametrically opposite of where he began.  A larger contrast between origins and accomplishment would be hard to imagine.

Success of the kind obtained by Orrin Woodward is admirable and desirable, worthy of study and emulation.  It is for this reason I have been encouraging him to endure the hardships and hard work of crafting this book.  Although we’ve collaborated on a number of other books before, and Orrin already enjoys best-seller status, this project is different.  It is his answer to the question, “How did you do it?” It is therefore extremely personal (though he doesn’t wish it to be about himself) and therefore laborious.  It is full of historical research and illuminating examples, and inasmuch required much study and fact checking.  And, quite frankly, in the depth of its content and the width of its application, it is stunning.  Anyone who reads this book will be immediately struck by the scholarship of its author.  But it is so much more than a well-researched tome; it is a roadmap.  In a world full of formulas for success and quick fixes, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE goes all the way to the core.  It reaches into the heart, stimulates the mind, and motivates the will.

In my book Rascal: Making a Difference by Becoming an Original Character, I attempted to depict the type of person who musters the courage to go against the grain, and to boldly pursue a God-given direction, regardless of who followed or fought against such a move.  If indeed that book succeeded in showing how to step out from the crowd, this book shows what to do once having done so.  Through thirteen profound resolutions, readily applicable to daily life, Orrin Woodward gives us a window into the reasons undergirding his own monumental success, and a very specific ladder of success to climb for our own. More importantly, he shows us how we can maximize our own personal potential, and yes, perhaps even change the world, by first working to become the best we can be.  In these pages it becomes clear that success is no accident, and significance is ever more the result of strenuous intentionality.  I believe the overall effect of the book on the reader will be a life transformed, and that, I surmise, would be Orrin’s greatest wish.

5 steps to build more confidence

One of the first books I was encouraged to read by best-selling author and number 7 leadership guru Orrin Woodward was the Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, PH.D. Within the first 25 pages I was able to identify the biggest personal struggle I was having that was keeping me from success, in business and in life. In the book a story is shared of a man where he discovers his limiting belief and the story hit me right in the heart. Here is the part that hit me: “I was seeing my weak point for the first time. I discovered that I had held back. I had always carried a little stick. I dug into myself deeper and deeper and found the reason I lacked initiative was because I didn’t believe inside that I was worth very much.” This single paragraph sent me on a mission to find value in myself, build my confidence, and make changes in my life. I wanted to live “big”, to have a meaningful life! I encourage you to pick up the book but first I want to share one of the things I applied from the book that made a huge difference for me. I still remember studying these five principles and trying to apply them everyday, sometimes asking my wife (be careful here 😉 ) and others around me if they noticed me applying what I was learning. Everyday I would review the 5 things and try to use them all day. Here are the five confidence-building exercises from The Magic of Thinking Big.

1) Be a front seater.

Sitting in the front of any event draws attention, but it is also the place to learn the most. Sitting up front builds confidence. Show up early to meetings and grab the front row!

2) Practice making eye contact.

This was tough for me, I would much sooner hide behind the brim of my hat then make eye contact. When you make eye contact people want to talk to and acknowledge you. Looking into someones eyes not only build confidence, it tells others you are confident and honest. If someone does not look you in the eye you feel the are hiding something.

3) Walk 25 percent faster.

Moving quickly is a sign of a good attitude and confidence. Someone who walks faster says to the world “I’ve got some place important to go, something important to do. What’s more, I will succeed at what I will do 15 minutes from now.”

4)Practice speaking up.

“The more you speak up, the more you add to your confidence, and the easier it is to speak up the next time. Speak up. It’s a confidence-building vitamin”

5) Smile big.

Even the act of smiling makes you feel better about yourself and the day. When you feel fear or defeat let out a big smile, it is hard to feel bad when you are smiling. I actually used to practice smiling in a mirror before I went out and then asked people around me to let me know if I was smiling.

I hope you decide to give these 5 principles a try!

God bless, Dan Hawkins

Hey everyone, Orrin Woodward and the LIFE/Team are making a generational impact! Check out how the Team changes the lives of  the children whose parents are taking the time to change and grow using the LIFE training materials. What ripple effect will you begin at the Team leadership convention in Columbus Ohio next weekend? Whose family will you go out and help? My family is forever changed for the better! Please enjoy this article by a 10-year-old girl who believes through first hand experience that the proper information can make a difference! Please comment on this article and share the stories you are creating and hearing out in the living rooms of America and Canada. It is time the world starts to hear we can make a difference one person, one family at a time! Here is the link to the article my daughter wrote in response to the question, what does the Team mean to you?

God bless, Dan Hawkins

Choose to live for excellence

It seems like only a couple of years ago I graduated college, and entered the “real” world. I worked so hard to study and learn, get to the top of the class so I could land a good job. Suddenly I am thrust into reality and trying to figure out life with no life skills ever learned. I was given so many technical skills in school, but never given the basic or seemingly basic skills to live a successful life. When did I ever learn the life skills to run my finances, have good relationships, understand the freedoms of living in this great country?  I started to think of all the dates I memorized, all the equations I learned, and began to realize that the life I was studying for in school was here and I felt lost! I began to live life and repeat every day almost without thought! Orrin Woodward once said, “most people have 1 year of experience 30 times.” At first that didn’t make sense, I filled out my application, I had many years experience…didn’t I? Suddenly I realized I have been asleep at the wheel, not learning really anything since school, going in every day and repeating basically the day before, and the things I did learn were in my field of work not in life!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, a crazy idea crossed my path, a business that had an education system for LIFE. The-team.biz! I began to realize that the life I always wanted was in reach and the only thing stopping me was my hunger to learn. I began learning from the Team training system, soaking up as much wisdom as I could, I am sure from the outside I looked like a man starving who was finally getting food! I started to apply the lessons to my life and began to strive for a life of excellence.

It is just now I am truly beginning to realize the power of wisdom and ideas. The story goes something like this: Henry Ford once had a problem on the assembly line that no one could seem to fix. He tried all of his best mechanics and finally called in someone from that outside that was recommended. After the man walked around the machine and looked at a few things he got out a hammer and hit the machine 3 times and it began to function properly! The mechanic later billed Ford for about 50k dollars! Upon receiving the bill Ford refused to pay saying, I watch you hit the machine three times, that is not worth $50k. Which the man replied, you are not paying for me hitting the machine three times, you are paying me because I know where to hit the machine!

Wisdom is priceless! I have chosen to live for excellence in my life, and I know that means becoming a life long learner. I am so thankful to be partnered with Orrin Woodward in LIFE, so I can have many people to learn from who know “where to hit the machine” and are willing to share that wisdom with me and others! Decide to be a life long learner, welcome to LIFE!

God Bless, Dan Hawkins

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