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Are you chasing your dreams or just wishing your dreams will come true?

Tim lays out six steps to hitting your goal.

1) Define what you want out of life

2) Write down your goals

3) Set a deadline on your goal

4) List what you need to accomplish your goal

5) Create a plan

6) Take action on the plan immediately

7) Do something everyday that takes you towards your goal, keep moving


God bless,

Dan Hawkins


LIFE - Will you?

We are back in Wisconsin after an amazing leadership convention down in Columbus, Ohio. The stadium was packed with people ready to make changes in their lives in 2012. I am always so impressed with the hunger that is displayed both from the people in the audience and the speakers on the stage.

LIFE is changing lives for the better and making a difference. I love to meet people in the hallways of the stadium and the hotel to hear how the weekend is hitting them.

“Thank you and the other founders for making this possible, LIFE has already made a positive difference for me.”

“I was not sure if I should come, but now I will never miss another one.”

“I have never experienced something like this, this is awesome.”

“I love this community.”

“I have learned so much that I can apply right when I get home.”

“We have talked more as a couple this weekend and cannot wait to get home and start working on our marriage.”

“The ride down was worth the money just to have fun with true friends.”

“This community is going to change the world and protect our freedoms.”

I could continue for the rest of the day sharing the feedback we heard this weekend these are just a few I wrote down to share with you.

While walking through the hotel with my two oldest daughters I was stopped more times than I could count with people sharing their stories of the things they were learning this weekend. Endless people thanking me and my daughters for helping to launch LIFE. My seven year old looked up at me and said, “Dad you are like a movie star, that’s awesome!” After a good laugh I explained that was surely not the case, I have just been blessed by God to be used for His glory.

LIFE founder Chris Brady shared on stage that if you even improve one life, help one marriage, lead one person to truth in any of the 8F’s, you have done something of eternal significance.

You can make a difference in someones life, start with your own today and show by your light that there is a better way to live LIFE!

Will you is the question?

Please comment and share what impacted you the most this weekend in Columbus at the major!

God bless, Dan Hawkins

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