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I had to share this video and my thoughts from one of my closest friends Steve Leurquin. I was doing my daily reading when I came upon his latest post on friendship and wanted to share another perspective on the same video. Please read Steve’s article as mine will be tied in to his!

In a world where negative and skepticism is king how do people find the courage to bring out their greatness? I love this video because it explains how it is still possible to live your dreams and become a hero. How many people like Jonathan have greatness within but lack the friend and the stage to bring it out!

The LIFE Community is on a quest to offer both! In Orrin Woodward’s book Resolved 13 Resolutions for Life he teaches the principles of friendship. Everyone who takes the Mental Fitness Challenge is being trained to be that friend for the people around them in their community. Along with learning the right information, LIFE offers association on a weekly basis with like minded people who want you to live the life you’ve always wanted!

The LIFE Team offers a stage for you to shine just like this TV show gave Jonathan his chance. The LIFE compensation plan was created to reward those willing to go through the process: learn, do and then teach!

My friend Orrin Woodward is a prime example of this, from engineer to best selling author and leadership expert. Orrin was given friends for encouragement, a system to grow and a stage to showcase his greatness. In response to all of the blessings he has received he and 7 other co-founders created LIFE to offer this to anyone willing to learn and grow! Orrin, just like Jonathan, displayed his character by not running into the sun with his success but sticking to his friends’ side to bring them along for the journey and help them bring out their greatness!

Never again can you say, I wish I had my chance, it is here!

Enjoy this video and I hope you tear up as you see the greatness that is posible in YOU when encouragement, friendship, courage and character meet!

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

Steve and Kelli Sager are moving on in LIFE using the-team.biz system!  This couple was highlighted on my blog just a few months ago for hitting turbo 25, now they have just achieved the turbo 50 level!(Two groups of people of at least 50 each attending a monthly seminar) More than doubling their numbers in a couple month period and helping many other go turbo 10 in the process. We are blessed to have Steve and Kelli as one of the leaders on Team STEALTH! Here is a great article from Steve Leurquin sharing this couples story.

God bless,

Dan Hawkins

LIFE Success Story


Steve and Kelli Sager were introduced to LIFE several years ago and were skeptical. Although they didn’t know it, they were not skeptical to whatLIFE offered them, they were unhappy“living the dream” and having no results to show for it. Working hard their whole lives, Steve as a police officer and Kelli a factory worker, they were hounded with debt, time starved, and relationship stressed and were feeling there had to be more to life.

Looking for a better way to make ends meet Steve started to explore other options like going into real estate. During that same time he was introduced to Life-Team through a friend, meeting Gary Severson and although skeptical, the information spoke too much truth. “I was tired of hitting my head against a brick and found this was a good way to stop the pain” Steve said.

Having no security in their jobs, they were living pay check to pay check and just could not get ahead in the drowning pool of debt. Steve and Kelli thought they had done everything they were supposed to do and yet they found themselves stressed out with life.

Using the Team system of success principles they began to leverage their discretionary time to building their business to the first of many notable levels. This past weekend Steve and Kelli celebrated a huge level in Life-Team. They are now being rewarded for their determination, courage, and their tireless effort to helping others. Financially they have witled down a 6+ debt figure to almost nonexhistent and they are putting some final things in place for Kelli’s freedom day! When I asked Steve about other victories they have attained through LIFE he was quick to point their better marriage, coming to faith, and their much improved relationship with their kids.

They are now leading a large community. With their constant learning to grow in the8F’s, many people now come to them for help because they see so much strength in areas that used to be weaknesses.

In a world were many are complaining about their situations but not willing to do anything about it, we solute Steve and Kelli for creating a path for others to follow. Rather than living a life of existence, they are now living a life of purpose.

Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin

I first heard this quote from top 10 leadership expert Chris Brady at a Team leadership convention. Isn’t it amazing that when you hear the truth it just makes sense.  So many people skate through life never giving 100%. Is it fear of failure, fear of success, lack of confidence, lack of courage or are they just stuck in todays mediocre mind set?

We have all been given talents and gifts that are waiting to be opened and used. One of my favorite pieces of being part of a leadership team is the community. It is much easier to become a winner when you surround yourself with winners. I love the video Steve placed on his blog. One of the biggest things I noticed was the constant encouragement he received from his coach and teammates to become his best.

Who is in your cheering section? Who is on your mental committee? You will become like who you associate most, choose wisely!

Enjoy this great article from one of the great leaders in LIFE, Steve Leurquin.

God bless, Dan Hawkins

Are You Giving 100% In LIFE?


I was listening to a leadership recording the other day by Top 10 Leadership Guru and best-selling Author Orrin Woodward in which he gave a great example from his youth about doing his best. As a high school senior cross country runner he was content with the status of being the second best runner on the team. Then, the race came where a freshman on the team was attempting to pass Orrin. That didn’t sit well with him as he had a rule that freshman do not beat seniors. He unleashed his best not only holding off the freshman but passing the team number 1 runner finishing first-team all district.

It got me thinking to how many times in my life I have settled for less then my best thinking that was all I had to give. A great movie scene from Facing The Giants shows a young man who because he is holding back his best, hurts the whole team’s performance.

“God’s gifted you with the ability of leadership, don’t waste it.”

Sometimes I shutter in one of those cold, hair standing on the back of the neck feelings, thinking about who in this world I am hurting by playing it small?

I think of Great leaders like Tim MarksDan Hawkins, and BIll Lewis. All men that lead thousands of people now but at one time were faced with the question, do I continue on my current path or do I follow the leadership road less traveled so that my light will give other people the courage to do the same? I’m glad they chose wisely!  Enjoy the journey, Steve Leurquin 

I would like to take the time today to recognize some incredible leaders in the LIFE business who are using the-team.biz to grow! Gary and Erika Severson have been tearing it up the past couple of months exploding their business. Anytime you are able to put together two groups of over 100 people attending a seminar you are leading in a big way.

Developing other Leaders is key

Gary and Erika Severson new Turbo 100s

Gary and Erika have worked very closely with Triple 100’s Steve and Jamie Leurquin to grow a large community. They have taken the principles modeled by the Leurquins’,passed them on, and are growing other leaders in the process. Just a few months ago the Steve and Kelli Sager, who are just one of the leaders Gary and Erika are helping develop, hit turbo 25!

The-life-business.com is creating change

The Seversons are leading hundreds of couples and individuals to the LIFE business, where they are empowered to change their inputs which will in turn change their lives. The feedback we are receiving both inside the team and from people just enjoying the LIFE materials is nothing short of amazing!

Make sure that you congratulate the Seversons on this great accomplishment and stay tuned for more stories and recognition this week!

God bless, Dan Hawkins

Is Orrin Woodward helping people?

At a recent the-team.biz seminar I was able to spend a ton of time with Leadership expert Orrin Woodward. What amazed me was after the seminar Orrin Woodward sat and signed a book for anyone who had a copy of any of his books. This does not surprise me because Orrin is always serving, what amazed me were the comments I heard. Person after person shared how Orrin and the LIFE/Team have changed their life. Not just Orrin your great, it was specific things and examples of what has change for the better in their life. One LIFE member said “this guy (Orrin) is a giant in leadership and business.” To this I added, Orrin is not only a giant in business, but he is a giant maker.

Critics of Orrin Woodward should be ashamed of their unfounded comments. So many people will believe a cowardly critic who hides behind a keyboard and has no results in life. All the while they lose their chance to live a life of purpose and become their best. I wish I would have pulled out my phone and took a video of this line and all of the sincere praise and thankfulness this group had for Orrin and the Team.

Orrin Woodward building leaders.

Orrin Woodward has and continues to poor his heart, mind and soul into people who want to become leaders. He has given all of us the tools to become our best in LIFE and pursue our purpose. What I love most about Orrin and the Team, is they are willing to walk the walk, not hide and gossip.

LIFE leaders hitting new levels

I wanted to share what happens when someone has the courage to step out and apply the principles Orrin Woodward teaches.

It has been my pleasure to watch this couple apply the LIFE materials to their life and begin to change their story. Both have had to overcome many things to gain success.  Some of which include humble beginnings, tragic accidents, struggles with self worth, and not feeling capable of leading people.


God bless,

Dan Hawkins

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